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Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers





cover - Nathaniel Wolfe and the BodysnatchersNathaniel and his grandfather made their way along the little path that wove erratically through the graves.  Then suddenly, the moon emerged from behind the clouds and the churchyard was illuminated almost as brightly as by day. Three men were standing beside a newly-dug pile of earth. Two of them were hauling up a coffin with ropes while the third held a lantern over the grave.

 ‘Stop that this instant!’ Nathaniel’s grandad declared.

The three men turned and looked at him. The one who was holding the lantern put it down on the ground. After that, everything happened in slow-motion. The body snatcher’s finger squeezed the trigger of the pistol. There was a noise that seemed as loud as thunder to Nathaniel and a flash of gunpowder…

Bodies are being dug up all over London. A solicitor’s clerk in London is being haunted by the ghost of an old man who holds out a ring on the palm of his hand. A six year old girl holds conversations with an invisible companion.

What’s the connection between these events? It’s a mystery that only Nathaniel Wolfe can solve –  with a little help from his friends, of course.

Packed with atmosphere, full of powerfully drawn characters, the new Nathaniel Wolfe story is chilling, exciting and enormously entertaining.

Orchard ISBN 9781846165740

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