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The Cracked Mirror

Dante is on the run. Bea is in prison and Ezekiel is wounded. Things do not look good for the Púca, the tiny band of individuals who refuse to accept the authority of Dr Sigmundus.

And they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

In the depths of the Odyll a new kind of evil is about to be born. Its name is Gallowglass and its mission is simple. Hunt down and destroy those who will not obey. Only Dante can stop it. To do so he must face a terrible choice and discover the dark secret at the heart of his own family.

THE CRACKED MIRROR is the second book in The Promises of Dr Sigmundus series, continuing the thrilling journey that began in THE HOLLOW PEOPLE.

"Brian Keaney’s writing is spare and taut and there is never a word out of place or one that doesn’t ring true."

Times Educational Supplement

"Keaney is a talented writer. I applaud his seriousness of purpose."

Philip Pullman

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The Cracked Mirror is published in the UK as The Gallowglass.























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