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cover - The Magical Detectives
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cover - The Hollow People
cover - Hollow People (US)
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The Hollow People















cover - Hollow People
US artwork: Nicoletta Ceccoli

On the island of Tarnagar is an asylum where you can be locked up for dreaming. Dante is the kitchen boy who brings the inmates their meals. Bea is the privileged daughter of doctors. When a dangerous new patient arrives on the island their worlds collide…

Who is Ezekiel Semiramis? What does he know about Dante’s mother and the ruined city that Bea dreams of? Dante and Bea set out to discover the truth, and find themselves confronted by an extraordinary evil lurking behind the image of Dr Sigmundus, the ruler of their nation.

"A remarkable piece of writing…broodingly atmospheric"

The Times

Step into a world of forbidden dreams in the first volume of this gripping trilogy, The Promises of Dr Sigmundus.

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The Hollow People is the first book in the The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus























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