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cover - The Magical Detectives and the Forbidden Spell
cover - The Magical Detectives
cover - Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers
cover - The Haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe
cover - The Resurrection Fields
cover - The Mendini Canticle
cover - The Gallow Glass
cover - The Cracked Mirror
cover - The Hollow People
cover - Hollow People (US)
cover - Jacob’s Ladder

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Welcome to the official website of Brian Keaney, the UK writer for children and young adults.

cover - Nathaniel Wolfe and the BodysnatchersThe Magical Detectives

Otto Spinoza comes home from school one day to find his mother missing. At first he tries to carry on as usual, hoping she will come back by herself. But too many strange thing are going on. Like the way the air seems to crackle with electricity when he walks through the front door. Or the fact that he could swear he saw his mother in the mirror soundlessly calling for help.

Uncertain who to turn to, Otto comes across an advertisement for a Magical Detective Agency.  The agency is the brainchild of a strange character called Maximillan Hawksmoor, who is convinced that Otto’s mother has been abducted by Elementals – beings who live in a completely different world.

Max is very persuasive and it’s not long before Otto, along with his friend Juliet and her cat Cornelius, join him on a strange and dangerous journey to rescue Otto’s mother – in a world where anything is possible...

Orchard ISBN  97 81 40830 681 9 

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