Brian Keeney

Brian Keaney

cover - The Magical Detectives and the Forbidden Spell
cover - The Magical Detectives
cover - Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers
cover - The Haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe
cover - The Resurrection Fields
cover - The Mendini Canticle
cover - The Gallow Glass
cover - The Cracked Mirror
cover - The Hollow People
cover - Hollow People (US)
cover - Jacob’s Ladder

The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus





Covers - The Hollow People (US & UK), The Cracked Mirror, The Gallowglass, The Mendini Canticle and The Resurrection FieldsRuled over by the tyrannical Dr Sigmundus, Gehenna is a country where rules must be obeyed without question and no one thinks for themselves.  Even dreaming is forbidden

But when Dante Cazabon, a friendless orphan, discovers the Odyll, a force with the power to stop time and unravel the fabric of the universe, he leads a rebellion that takes him beyond the borders of life and death to the very heart of evil.

There are US and UK versions of each of the books. Click on the titles for their individual pages in this site

  UK Title US Title
Book 1 The Hollow People   The Hollow People
Book 2 The Gallowglass   The Cracked Mirror
Book 3 The Medini Canticle   The Resurrection Fields



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